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This page is created by and for someone who really loves programming and developing Webs and Apps, Like this one.

This page is released with a lot of fun and with a big smile . It's time to discover who is this person and about him, please click on this button down there.

Who is Badr

Badr Ouich (Badr means: full moon in Arabic) is a funny developer with some hobbies, one of them, developing and designing Web applications , Android and Crossplatform applications .

Badr is also a good Manager and team leader, he is also founder of badr-ouich.com development & design, he is a man who follows his objectives till he complete all of them and helps other developers and teams to meet their objectives.

Where I am developing from

Badr's personal projects are born in Montmeló, a town near from Barcelona, but he can be developing all the time and anywhere.


Born like an angel in 22-01-1993 (Aquarius horoscope).


- FPII Automotive technical.
- FPII Developer CAD (Crossplatform Application Developer) - DAM in Spain.
- Official JAVA certification.
- NodeJS MEAN Angular MongoDB Certification.
- Other certifications...


- Be developing.
- Formula One.
- Karting.
- Chess.
- PC Games.

Douzi Official Website

Website fully developed, animated & designed by Badr Ouich.

Aswat Radio

Developing a new project for Aswat Radio, it will be ready soon.

Basar Omar

A funny website made by Badr with much love.

Cubic 33 Group

IT Manager, Badr developed a lot of apps and Google apps for Cubic 33 Group.


Participating as Frontend developer and graphic designer.


Participating as Frontend developer and graphic designer.

More -interesting- coming projects:

Please keep in touch and wait for our new and interesting projects, we are working hard to satisfy our clients and to develop a very cool and beautiful websites. If you want to join us or you want us to make a magical website for you, please contact us or white to us using the form below.

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