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We are a small company with big ideas. 

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We code

If you want a responsive, creative and modern website, we can code for you or build it with your favorite CMS

Event makers

We Podcast
We Broadcast
We manage your events
We do everything for you!

We coach

We managed many big projects and led them to success. Do you need someone to trust? That's us

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Our Ratings

Youness Boumehdi (CEO HitRadio)

"Looking forward to collaborate with in order to create a digital broadcasts in Europe"

Jason Reich (CEO TalentSpace)

"It was a very nice collaboration with, we created many events together in Berlin [Germany], Barcelona and Madrid [Spain]"

Abdelkader Douzi (Manager of

"Always a pleasure to work with a professional people -at As you all know, we, (as singers and influences) only deal with high level event organisers and website- builders"

Fattah Rahali (Co-Founder - Salamradio)

"Having our radiostation would never be possible withour
We co-founded this amazing project together and it is going bigger and bigger"


Some of



We fully developed, animated & designed the very famous singer < DOUZI > where his fans can reach him, see his agenda, videos, pictures and listen to his wonderful songs.

Salam Radio

We are partners/co-founders of an FM + Webradio station. Come listen to our music and enjoy our broadcasts.


Gymkana Turistica Digital

We build many entertaining applications and games, for example: Escape rooms, turistic games and riddles, 360º & VR applications and much more.


We built games, web applications and illustrations to help the kids to learn programming and more



We participated in design, illustration and coding


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