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This page is created by a team that really love programming and developing Webs and Applications, Like this one.

This page is released with a lot of fun and with a big smile . It's time to discover who we are and about us, please click on this button below.

What is Badr-Ouich.com

we are creative web builders and designers, we are growing everyday as professional developers and we are making interesting projects. We can build Responsive and animated websites, Apps and we help other developers and companies to have better business life.

At Badr-Ouich.com we can build: Web applications , Android applications and Crossplatform applications .

Where are we developing from?

These amazing projects are born in Montmeló, a town near from Barcelona, but we can be developing everytime time and everywhere .

Our team

We are a very nice team of creative Frontend, Backend and Android developers. We still growing every day after day and we are always ready for every new project.


Our hobbies

- Coding.
- Formula One.
- Karting.
- Chess.
- PC Games.

Douzi Official Website

Website fully developed, animated & designed by Badr Ouich.

Aswat Radio

Developing a new project for Aswat Radio, it will be ready soon.

Javier Navarro Abogado

A website made with Wordpress (we forgot to mention that we also build wordpress websites).

Cubic 33 Group

IT Manager, Badr developed a lot of apps and Google apps for Cubic 33 Group.


Participating as Frontend developer and graphic designer.


Participating as Frontend developer and graphic designer.

More -interesting- coming projects:

Please keep in touch and wait for our new and interesting projects, we are working hard to satisfy our clients and to develop a very cool and beautiful websites. If you want to join us or you want us to make a magical website for you, please contact us or white to us using the form below.

Don't be shy

You can tell us everything you need to know about us, you can also ask us about something we may know. we'll be happy to answer.